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Audit Tracking System

Audit Tracking System

Companies regularly conduct audits to examine any deficit or error in its services and evaluate how to improve business processes by resolving those issues. Nityo Infotech’s Audit Tracking System solution is designed to help businesses in managing wide range of audit related activities like IT audits, operational audits, internal audits and quality audits. The Audit Tracking System streamlines the process and helps in resolve any queries initiated by the auditor. It also comes with advanced capabilities like MIS report, audit report, email and SMS based notifications and alerts. Audit Tracking System helps to raise, track and resolve queries quickly efficiently in a very transparent manner.

How it Works

Audit Tracking System has two components a) Initiator Workflow b) Assignee Workflow

Audit tracking system

Audit tracking system

Use Cases

  • Companies from any industry can use Audit Tracking System solution to improve and bring more transparency in their processes.

  • IT companies can use audit tracking system to streamline their ticketing system and get queries resolve more quickly.

Benefits of Audit Tracking System

  • Provides complete visibility into audit processes
  • Queries are resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Reports available in multiple formats like PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOC and DOCX
  • Eliminates manual tracking of queries

Nityo Advantage

  • Customizable and Scalable solution
  • Superior customer support
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • On-demand built-in MIS and Audit reports