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Recruitment Portal

Recruitment Portal

Hiring the right candidate is similar to investing in a right asset which in a long-term will bring wealth and fortune to your business. Most of the times businesses outsource recruitment process to a staffing company. And the first line of hiring requires visiting online job portals to download resumes of the candidates based on the client’s requirement. This is usually a paid service and when the requirements of candidates are in hundreds and thousands the cost incurred on accessing and downloading the resume is significant. So, to make the candidate recruitment process seamless and cost efficient Nityo Infotech offers on-premise and cloud based recruitment portal solution. It is a versatile platform that helps recruiter in creating candidate’s requirements, interview them and then hire them. The candidate journey through various phases of recruitment process is captured in the system giving a commanding view for the recruiter.

How it Works

Recruitment Portal Solution
Recruitment Portal Solution

Use Cases

This is highly useful for staffing companies who mostly rely on online job portals for accessing candidate’s resume. They can implement Nityo’s Recruitment Portal and streamline their hiring process. It has many built-in features which are useful for recruiter, accounts team and HR. It also creates an in-house database of candidates. This way when they receive client’s requirement, they have the candidates ready, saving time and money.

Benefits of Recruitment Portal

  • Centralized repository of candidates
  • Helps in creating in-house database of hundreds and thousands of candidates
  • Candidates can be hired faster
  • Saves on hiring cost
  • Hire single or multiple candidates
  • Customizable module

Nityo Advantage

  • Flexible and Scalable recruitment solution
  • Can be customized as per client’s requirements
  • Available in both on-premise and cloud-based model
  • Robust customer support