Robotic Process Automation


With increasing competition and changing business dynamics getting more done in less time is what many businesses are looking for. At the same time they don’t want to compromise on the quality of the output. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes handy as it enables companies to automate and accelerate business process transformation to improve productivity, efficiency, and maximize Returns on Investment. The primary function of Robotic Process Automation is to automate various business processes or tasks that are normally done by humans to reduce cost, time and error. We at Nityo Infotech brings out the best in RPA technology with our in depth expertise for business automate workflow, back office processes that are repetitive and labor intensive. Our RPA is powered by smart and intelligent robots and comes with intelligent automation, advanced document processing, enterprise security vault, real-time insights and scalability. It has self-learning capabilities with built-in ML, NLP and analytics to deliver actionable insights. We provide a complete RPA service that includes different stages like planning, development, testing and support. Some of the benefits using RPA include the reduction of invoice processing time from hours to minutes it improves turnaround time and process efficiency of the any automated process, the non-OCR PDFs, OCR images and text can be processed with ease and greater accuracy and employees can be spared from doing monotonous laborious repetitive tasks, thereby achieving better work life balance.