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Digital KYC

What is eKYC?

KYC or "Know Your customer", is a mandatory process used by financial institutions and other organizations to verify the identity of the customer with the aim to avoid fraud and money laundering activities. This is done before or during the time when a customer starts doing business with the organization. When the KYC is done electronically it is referred to as eKYC. The objective of doing eKYC is to make customer accusation and onboarding process simple and quick. Some of the key reasons for eKYC is regulatory obligation, fraud prevention, risk management and customer security.

Digital KYC Solutions

image based digital kyc

Image-based Digital KYC

Experience a secure and seamless way of onboarding your users and customers with Image-based Digital KYC. The robust APIs extracts data from digital images in a simple and quick way, which accurately identifies the individual, and authenticates them from multiple sources to ensure secure verifications.
video based digital kyc

Video-based Digital KYC

Make the journey of customer onboarding hassle-free and quick with video based digital KYC which allows users to complete their KYC over a live video from anywhere, anytime This helps businesses to hugely save on KYC costs while onboarding the customers from remote places. The solution is regulatory-compliant and comes with advance features like integrated checks for PAN card, Aadhaar XML file, Face Compare, with Geo-tagging and Aadhaar Masking.

How Video KYC Process works

Benefits of Video KYC

  • On-board Customers from anywhere, anytime

  • Easy to install and use

  • Compliance with Regulations

  • Scalable solution for your business
  • Customer Training & Support

  • Enhanced and Improved Security

  • Intuitive UI for better customer experience

Aadhar Masking

Aadhar is extensively used by organization and businesses to verify and authenticate the identity of a user. As per RBI’s guidelines now Aadhaar card can be accepted as officially valid documents as long its number is concealed. When a customer submits Aadhar card our Data Masking solution masks the first 8 digits of Aadhaar number in less than 5 seconds all this happens in real-time which makes Aadhaar cards to be used as officially valid documents.

Aadhaar Masking Features

  • Quick and easy to Integrate

  • Highly precise accurate

  • Automated Quality Assurance

  • Data masking done in real-Time
  • Supports multiple Aadhar formats

  • Supports multiple image formats

  • Multiple image orientation supported

  • Regulatory compliant

Digital KYC Solution at its Best

The digital KYC solution comes with different components that works together to offer seamless, secure and robust outcomes.
  • Captures Information accurately

  • Extraction of Data using OCR

  • Validation using intelligent machine learning

  • Real-time checks for verification

  • Robust Face Match and Liveness feature

  • Data masking of digital documents

Salient Features

  • Wide range APIs and SDKs to accomplish different functions
  • Intuitive workflows to easily understand the process
  • In-depth reports & analytics for making informed decision
  • Use of big data and machine learning for better results
  • Audit and regulatory compliant
  • Advanced data security

Industry we Serve

  • Banks and Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • P2P marketplace
  • Real Money Gaming Companies