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Cheque Disbursement System

Cheque Disbursement System

Cheque Disbursement System is a tool to help Banks, NBFCs and other entities that offer loans to track and capture the cheque details from the time it is issued by the bank or NBFC to the time when it is realized by the customer.

How it Works

Cheque Disbursement System

Use Cases

Banks and NBFCs who offer home loan or personal loan to their customers can integrate Cheque Disbursement System with their Loan Management System to track the status of the Cheque that has been issued by the head office to the customer. At every stage till the cheque reaches the end user and thereafter realized the Cheque Disbursement System captures key details including check number, date on which it was realized etc.

Benefits of Cheque Disbursement System

  • Tracks the trail of cheque status
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Secure and scalable solution
  • Eliminate the manual process of maintaining cheque details

Nityo Advantage

  • Excellent customer support
  • In-depth technical expertise
  • Customized and scalable solution for changing business needs