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Candidate Evaluation Portal

Candidate Evaluation Portal

Identifying the right talents and hiring them is one the most challenging tasks for any organization. Company’s always look for candidates with strong technical skills, problem solving skills, soft skills, and ability to learn new things. To make hiring process simple, easy and cost effective Nityo Infotech offers Evaluation Portal - a powerful solution for clients to hire the best resource in the industry. In this Nityo Infotech will assist client by conducting interview of candidates by the most proficient experts in the industry to assess their skill sets.

How it Works

The Evaluation Portal consists of three components – Client, Recruiter and Interviewer

Candidate Evaluation Portal
Candidate Evaluation Portal

Use Cases

  • Companies whose core process is not hiring can make use of this solution offered by Nityo Infotech. They can outsource the interviews of their candidates so that they can hire best talent in the industry.

  • Staffing companies can use this solution to help their clients recruit best resources.

Benefits of Evaluation Portal

  • Interview is conducted by industry experts who have decades of practical and professional experience in the field.
  • Helps in hiring best resources for your company
  • Seamless hiring process saves time and effort
  • Cost effective

Nityo Advantage

  • 15+ years of experience in recruiting best talents
  • High level of success ratio
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Robust customer support