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Nearshore Development Center

Nearshore Development Center

Modern businesses in order to improve their productivity and save on the cost outsource business operations, software development projects or other related tasks to their IT partners that are located in nearby countries or regions, hence the term Nearshore development. The difference of timing in such country is minimal and there are no communication barriers. This ensures companies to get their projects completed faster, enables frictionless synergy among the teams, get competitive price advantage and highly skilled resources that are ideal at understanding your business requirements. Nityo Infotech offers Nearshore development center that is extension of your in-house team but with greater flexibility and access to high-end talent pools.

Why Business opt for Nearshore Development Center

Benefits of Nearshore development center
Advantage of Nearshore development center

Advantage of Nearshore Development Center

  • Consultation by experienced professionals and Subject Matter Experts

  • Scalable and flexible solutions to meet the demands of your growing business

  • Robust infrastructure and office facilities

  • Access to readily available highly skilled pool of talent

  • 15 years of Industry experience

  • Facilitate real-time collaboration between teams for successful project completion

  • Consistent track record of delivering projects on time

  • Security and confidentiality for complete peace of mind

Facilities Offered

  • High Speed LAN Connectivity

  • Corporate Branding

  • Wi-Fi/Superfast Internet Connectivity

  • Private Cabin/Meeting Rooms

  • Front-Desk Service

  • Fixed Seats
  • Workstation

  • Desktop/Laptop

  • Laser Printer, Copier and Scanner

  • Projector, speakers and microphone

  • Power Back-up

  • White Boards
  • Conference room

  • Raised Floors

  • Flexible Seats

  • Prime Location

  • Cafeteria

  • Vending Machines

Looking for Nearshore Development Partner?

Nityo Infotech is helping businesses across various industries to innovate and re-define software development and business processes through its Nearshore model. We follow best practices in latest digital innovation to offer end-to-end software development services with an added benefit of access to highly skilled talent pools, attractive prices, and real-time collaboration to our clients.

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